House Rules

Wasting the Dawn

We use Laws of the Night (3rd Edition, revised), Mind's Eye Theater Camarilla Guide, Mind's Eye Theater Storyteller Guide and One World by Night Rules.Influence rules for downtimes are a combination of Dark Epics for Influence Endeavors and the above books for Influence Actions. Where we deviate it will be noted.
Character Creation

  • General Notes
    • Trait max: A starting character may not buy any Trait at higher than 3 (excluding Attribute Traits) without Storyteller permission.
    • Generation max: If you are not Embraced in-game, you may not place more than 2 points into this background without ST approval; thus, you may begin at a maximum of the 11th Generation. If you are Embraced in-game, your Generation is one less than your sire, but these points must be bought.
    • Merit max: No character can be created with more than 7 points of Merits.
    • Abilities: Abilities are important. Do you know how to drive? Did you go to high school? Do you know what the Traditions are? You cannot overlook such things that are integral to your character.
  • Disciplines
    • No Intermediates Beyond the First Intermediate.
  • Backgrounds
    • The Espionage Influence is not allowed at character creation.
    • Retainers: All retainers are to be portrayed by STs and Narrators ONLY. Players shall at no time portray their retainers for conversations, emails, etc. with other players. Retainers are NOT extensions of the player character, and will NOT automatically do what the player of said character may wish them to do or say. While it is acceptable to use your retainer to accomplish actions in downtime, it is NOT acceptable to portray your retainer to other player characters in downtime scenes or at game.
  • Extra Points
    • 5 Neg, 7 Flaws: You may take up to five points of Negative Traits, and seven points of Flaws. Flaws include drops in Morality [2 points, one time only] and Derangements [2 points]. You may take multiple derangements, but you will only get 2 XP for the first one. Malkavians must take one derangement at character creation and will gain 2 xp for a second derangement.
    • 5 Free Cam 7 XP: A vampire of the seven original Camarilla clans will be awarded an additional five experience points once their character is completed. Note that Ghouls do not receive the bonus until they are Embraced.
    • Underrepresented Clans: Storytellers may award additional experience points for characters in Clans that are considered underrepresented at the time of character creation.
    • Spark of Life XP: Written, detailed backgrounds may earn the character between 0 and 5 experience points upon submission.
  • Apprenticeship Program
    • Starting out: The Apprenticeship program is recommended for new players, interested in getting a feel for the game and the characters therein. In exchange for playing a ghoul and/or NPCs for six games, the character will receive 7 extra xp.
    • Double Attendance: For each of the six games during the program, the player will received double (2) xp per game.
    • Completion Bonus: With the successful completion of the Apprenticeship Program, the player will receive a bonus xp.
    • Cam 7 Embracees: A character Embraced as a Cam 7 Kindred will also gain the bonus 5 xp upon Embrace that any Cam 6 starting vampire receives.
  • Sending in a GEX
    • If you submit your completed character sheet to the ST board via a GEX, you will gain 1 XP.
  • Capped Clans: The Staff reserves the right to Cap any clan based on membership of the clan in relationship to the rest of the game


Downtime is a term used to denote what your PC is doing in between games. Other Chronicles (games) may refer to this as BGA's (BackGround Actions). If you wish to do a downtime (DT) then you can submit an email to the WtD Storyteller email list (ST board). The deadline is Wednesday by 3:00 pm PST, before game. All other submissions will be processed as we have the time.Actions are divided between two types of actions: Major Actions and Minor Actions. Each character begins with 5 Major Actions and 5 Minor Actions. More can be gained through merits and the use of retainers. Each retainer grants the character 1 Major Action and 1 Minor Action.

Major Actions are the following:

  • Endeavors/Buying an Influence
    • Stealing is an Influence Endeavor in Dark Epics.
  • Growing/Buying a non-Influence Background
  • Using an advanced Ritual
  • Buying (with ST approval) a Path Trait (e.g. Humanity) or a Willpower Trait
  • Teaching another PC one of the above
  • any other notable action that would realistically take an hour or more time to complete

Minor Actions are the following:

  • The use of backgrounds (with the exception of Retainers controlling Influences). You can burn Resources, Contacts, etc. *The one exception to this is we do allow you to burn Resources x2 in a DT so you can gain double the Resources that might otherwise be available to you. We do this because other games in the area allow for this.
  • Growing Influences at one action per level
  • Using an intermediate or basic ritual
  • any other action that would realistically take less than an hour to complete

All Lores require a teacher even if they are your PC's Clan Lore. Lores that are not of your Clan, Sect or creature type ( i.e. Kindred) require ST approval. All Abilities need a validation as to how you are learning it. IE teachers, classes, self help book etc. the higher the level the stricter the required validation
Items / Crafting*
Clarifications for Disciplines:

  • Celerity: Alacrity - we do not run Alacrity out of the book, instead it gives you a preemptive preparatory action,  this action can not be used for a contested action you can not use Alacrity to engage in any challenges. IE.  you can use Alacrity to draw and cock a weapon but not to shoot said weapon
  • Thaumaturgy: Focused Mind - Focused Mind 1 does not provide three additional mental traits for Thaumaturgy

Age - Discontinued. If you want to have been embraced more than fifty years ago, it requires a background and ST approval.
Dirt - Discontinued.
Resources - May be burned at double per what is in the books (e.g. burning Resources x4 nets your PC $20,000 for that downtime).

A PC may have as many as 5 retainers at level 5. (per Category IE. 5 human/ghoul retainers, 5 wraith retainers and 5 animal retainers)
These retainers must be named and listed on the character sheet in the notes section, and also have a separate character sheet which will be made by the ST staff and stored in a separate database. The player may pick the influences and abilities for the retainer. The ST will pick attributes for the retainer.  The stats for each level are as follows:

  • At level 1, the retainer will have 1 in all attributes, 1 ability, and 1 in influences.  
  • At level 2, the retainer may have 1 extra attribute, 1 extra ability, and 1 extra influence.
  • At level 3, the retainer may have 2 extra attributes, 1 extra ability, and 1 extra influence.
  • At level 4, the retainer may have 2 extra attributes, 1 extra ability, and 2 extra influences.
  • At level 5, the retainer may have 2 extra attributes, 2 extra abilities, and 2 extra influences.

While it is logical that the retainer in question would have other abilities, knowledge, and experience, as we all do as individual people for simplicity's sake the retainer has been streamlined in order to function better under a mechanical system of Vampire: The Masquerade

  • If you have not submitted where your haven is located, it is assumed you are safe and out of the sun, but you are easily found and it offers no protection from other Kindred. Havens can be bought by the use of resources appropriate to the type of Haven you are seeking. There is a Haven background that determines the safety of your Haven, but is not necessary
  • You are considered to be at your own haven by dawn each evening unless you submit to our board a notice telling us where your PC is staying. The notice must be submitted by email to the ST list.
  • It is possible to have your Haven discovered (though the Haven background will help prevent this). To successfully hunt a Haven, please send the actions your character is taking through your downtimes. It is possible to hunt inactive or retired PCs and NPCs that are in the staff's control. However, PCs that have been safely shelved cannot be hunted.
  • Shared Havens: You may share your haven with anyone; however, only one PC can claim a single haven as being theirs.
  • Havens cannot be public places (like businesses).

Haven (background)
The purchase of the Haven background is to help secure your personal Haven. You do not need this background to have a Haven. This background represents how difficult it is to find your Haven as well as how difficult it is to penetrate its defenses. It may be important to remember, though, that Havens like apartments may be more noticeable by normal humans with a Haven rating at 3 and above.

  • Haven 1
    • You have bars on your windows. Your Haven is up +1 trait in challenges to find and penetrate your Haven.
  • Haven 2
    • Your Haven is a little more out of the way with a slightly better security system with a sticker in the window. Your Haven is up +2 traits in challenges to find and penetrate your Haven.
  • Haven 3
    • Your Haven is a little more out of the way with a slightly better security system and cameras. Your Haven is up +3 traits in challenges to find and penetrate your Haven.
  • Haven 4
    • Your Haven is well isolated or hard to find with a better security system and cameras. You also have reinforced doors, walls, and an extra escape. Your Haven is up +4 traits in challenges to find and penetrate your Haven.
  • Haven 5
    • Your Haven is practically a fortress. It is not easy to recognize as a Haven and is well guarded against infiltrators. Your Haven is up +5 traits in challenges to find and penetrate your Haven.

We use Laws of the Night, Revised (3rd ed), MET Laws of the Camarilla and MET ST Guide as stated above for Influence Actions. These are Actions where you simply spend Influence that your PC has to obtain a desired result ( e.g. gain one trait of blood by spending the appropriate level of Health Influence).When it comes to building (Growing) Influence as well as Attacking, Watching, Tracing, Stealthing, Concealing, etc. we go by the Dark Epics rules for Influence Endeavors that cover all of these things.
Some clarifications:

  • Where the Influence Endeavor rules read "one month" please read this as one downtime (2 weeks). We're on a slightly different schedule than the Dark Epics rules as written.
  • The rules for Trace in Dark Epic's read "one city". Please read this as one game.
  • A PC may never use an Influence at higher than what they have on their sheet. The rules for Combine state this very clearly. Pooling Influences via loans from Combine or via an applicable Background such as Allies or Mentor (per the descriptions in Dark Epics) will not allow a PC to accomplish Elder and above Influence Actions (e.g. Call the President of the U.S., obtain a fragment of the Book of Nod, etc.) There is only one exception to this rule and that is for clans researching Thaumaturgy. Please refer to the OWbN Thaumaturgy packets for more details.
  • There used to be an Influence Endeavor that was custom to Wasting the Dawn called 'Steal'. Use Attack in it's place and specify whether you are stealing or destroying the Influence in question.
  • Growth is still on a 1:1 ratio for downtime actions to level. In-other-words: Growing Police 1 takes 1 downtime action whereas Church 5 takes 5 downtime actions.
  • Some players like to get creative in their use of Influences ( e.g. using one Influence to stealth another). This is not explicitly addressed in Dark Epics as written however there is a White Wolf book titled "The Gilded Cage" which suggests ways this can be done. Should any player wish to use Influences in this way they must provide "flavor text" or justification as to how they are directing their Influences to work in tandem.
  • Miltitary Influence as outlined in the second and third edition Laws of the Hunt are not Influences that PC's may possess in Wasting the Dawn. Espionage is an Influence a PC may possess in Wasting the Dawn.
  • Fame 1 can allow for instant action to Influence burns at game. Without Fame 1, all influence actions must be done in downtimes.

Quick Draw (4 Point Merit)

  • You have mastered the art of pulling your weapon from its holster. You can draw your weapon as a free action before everyman rounds begin. You may then fire the weapon in everyman while your opponents are busy getting their weapons out. This merit cannot be used in conjunction with Celerity 1 (Alacrity) to give you two preempt actions.

Infernalism:Any Infernal PC, visiting or local, becomes an NPC controlled by the staff without previous explicit exception by the HST.

Switching characters mid game:Once you have signed in a character you may not change characters unless the signed in pc has been rendered unplayable. For example: you can not get character Bob Brujah in peril then sign out Bob then sign in Norman Nosferatu to continue play without dealing with the peril that Bob is in. However if Bob is killed, staked, torpored, banished, or in any other way absolutlely out of game, then you may switch to Norman.

Gaining Experience in Wasting the Dawn: In order to gain experience for playing in Wasting the Dawn, a player must sign into game before 10:30 pm and play for at least an hour and a half. If you leave before an hour and a half, you will not gain experience. If you arrive after 10:30 pm, you may play but will not gain any experience. If you are signed in and in an IC (In-character) area, you are accepted as being at game and expected to be in character. If you wish to socialize OOC (Out of Character), you may do so, but it must be done in an area outside of the IC play area and you will not gain experience for spending your hour and a half there. If you are disrupting IC play with too much OOC socializing, an ST may ask you to leave the IC area.

Shelving/Inactive Characters:If you do not attend game at least once every three months, your character may be unsafely shelved and labeled inactive. An unsafe shelving means that your character's influences may be up for grabs unprotected, their haven may still be found, and any plots they are currently involved in will be played out without contacting the player. If for reasons outside of game (we understand that there is a real life), please contact the STs to safely shelve your character. A safely shelved character is assumed to be going about their business and actively protecting their assets unless said otherwise. If you have been shelved, you cannot play your character at any other games. If you wish to be unshelved, you have to contact the ST Board before playing that character again.

Damage Caps:Maximum damage per attack is 4 against a PC. there is no cap on how much damage an NPC may receive from a successful attack.

Player Behavior:Abusive OOC language and behavior towards the staff and players will not be tolerated.

Disciplinary Action: Disciplinary Action is at the discretion of the ST Staff and the player representative, normally there will be one warning that will be recorded with both the HST and the player rep. Further action may include being banned and or having one's PC administratively destroyed. If there are actions that are so egregious you ~will~ be banned from WTD and your PC will be administratively destroyed. We will also honor the disciplinary actions from other games.


*Edits are still being created for this section. Please contact ST for further details.