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The Domain

The Domain

The borders of the Domain are:
North to Vallejo
South to San Jose, but it is shared with San Francisco
West to the bay
East to Highway 680

Places of Interest

The train station, located in South Oakland, is on the site of the old Bay Area Train Hub. The train itself is real and follows a course to the bay in East Emeryville where it ends at a dock. The station itself is fanciful clockwork in an obviously Jules Verne style, all polished steel and brass on the outside, brass and dark wood on the inside. The entire works actually runs on steam (two huge boiler-turbines in the basement) and the main entrance is a geared wheel on tracks that cycles inward, and then rolls away to allow access.

The Solano is a reproduction of a famous late 19th century train ferry. The largest of it's kind in the world, the Solano served the trans-continental railroad in ferrying up to 3 complete trains at a time across the Carquinez Straight between Benicia and Port Costa. While the original ran on steam, this reproduction (which nevertheless has its original keel, recovered from her scuttled wreck of the coast of Antioch) runs on diesel. The decor is opulent turn of the century, and the lower decks feature an art gallery and an historical gallery.

The Bunker. An ugly concrete bunker in the hills west of Fairfield, east of Benicia. The prince adamantly claims that this was not his idea, though he makes much use of the location.

The Point. A Victorian home, situated at the Westernmost point of the Domain at Point San Pable, Richmond.

Feeding Territory

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